The Bigar Waterfall, the Most Unique Waterfall in the World

Caraș-Severin County, south-west Romania


Bigar Waterfall is located on road DN57B, between Anina and Bozovici villages, in the Caraș-Severin County of Romania.

Opening hours

It is open for visits 24/7.

* opening hours may vary, they are just for guidance

Visiting Taxes

Entry fee inside the cascade: 5 Lei

* visiting taxes may vary, they are just for guidance


Named by as the most unique waterfall in the world, Bigar Waterfall is undoubtedly a site to see. Bigar is indeed a unique cascade due to the spectacle offered by tiny threads of water that form an intricate web that falls down over the mossy rock beneath.

The waterfall has gained a lot of international popularity over the past few years, and it is now visited by thousands of tourists every year.

The Bigar Falls is located in a piece of heaven, literally, in the heart of The National Park “Nera-Beușnița Gorges”, home to the longest gorge on the territory of Romania, 22 km long. There’s plenty to see around here, limestone formations, canyons, impressive caves, meadows and of course, some of the most amazing waterfalls on Earth. If you want to take the tourist path to walk along the gorges, there’s sections where you’ll have to cross the Nera River.

The park is filled with natural splendor and tourist attractions. Upstream from the Bigar Falls there is The Devil’s Lake, a natural steep karst lake, the largest of its kind in Romania.

Downstream, to the east, you can visit the Beușnița Falls, another natural splendor, and the famous Ochiul Beiului Lake (Bey’s Lake), a crystal-clear turquoise colored lake, surrounded by the untamed green forests, surreal and fairy-looking. Continuing downstream you will reach one of the speleologists’ favorite spot around, the mighty Valea Rea Canyon, which literally translates as The Bad Valley Canyon. So yes, put on your backpack, a bandana and the hiking shoes home if you plan to come down here and explore the wilderness.

The feeling that you get when visiting the Bigar Waterfall is as if you’re going back in prehistoric times. The limestone tufa waterfall is a unique and peculiar fall in the nature reserve of the Anina Mountains, right on the 45 Parallel. However, the cascade is only an extraordinary natural water gate that opens the path to the natural miracles that hide deep within the lush forests around.

If you ever find yourself in the south-east Romania, Bigar Falls is definitely worth visiting for the natural splendor, as well as for a course of fresh air and a taste of the breathtaking wilderness carved by nature into the steep Carpathian Mountains.

Positioning on Romania Map

GPS Coordinates

Nordic Latitude: 45° 0' 45"
East Longitude: 21° 57' 21"