General Information About Romania

Spoken Language

The spoken language in Romania is romanian. It is a Indo-European language and part of the Italic languages group.

The Geographic Position

Romania is located in south-eastern Europe in the so-called Balkan region. It borders with Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary and is part of the European Union since 2007.


The metropolis of Romania is Bucharest.

The Relief

The relief is mainly formed by mountains, hills, plains and a generous opening to the Black Sea. The mountains from Romania is called Carpathian Mountains divided in 3 major groups: Meridional Carpathians, Eastern Carpathians and Western Carpathians. The highest mountain peak in Romania is Moldoveanu Peak (Vf. Moldoveanu) - 2,544 meters above sea level.


The currency in Romania is Leu (RON) which means Lion in english.

International Airports

Bucharest – "Henri Coanda" International Airport
Bucharest – "Aurel Vlaicu" International Airport
Cluj Napoca – Cluj-Napoca International Airport
Sibiu – Sibiu International Airport
Constanta – "Mihail Kogalniceanu" International Airport
Tulcea – "Danube Delta" International Airport
Targu Mures – "Transilvania" International Airport
Suceava – "Stefan cel Mare" International Airport
Iasi – Iasi International Airport
Bacau – "George Enescu" International Airport
Craiova – Craiova International Airport
Baia Mare – Baia Mare International Airport
Satu Mare – Satu Mare International Airport
Oradea – Oradea International Airport
Arad – Arad International Airport
Timisoara – "Traian Vuia" International Airport

Main Touristic Areas in Romania

Valea Prahovei – The Prahova Valley
Poiana Brasov – The Brasov Meadow
Marginimea Sibiului – Sibiu Surroundings
Bucovina – Bucovina
Maramures – Maramures
Transfagarasan – The road through the Mountains
Cheile Bicazului – Cheile Bicazului
Bran - Moeciu – Bran - Moeciu
Transalpina – the Road of the King (the highest road in Romania)
Delta Dunarii – the Danube Delta
Litoral – the Seaside

Main Touristic Attractions in Romania

Castelul Bran – The Bran Castel
Manastiri Moldova – Moldavian Monasteries
Biserici Transilvania – Transylvanian Churches
Cimitirul Vesel din Sapanta – The Merry Cemetery from Sapanta
Palatul Parlamentului – The Parliament Palace - a colossal building with 6,000 rooms
Delta Dunarii – The Danube Delta - a natural reserve
Pestera Scarisoara – The Scarisoara Cave hosts largest glacier in Romania, a journey to the Ice Age
Pestera Ursilor – The Bears Cave - was a place of shelter for these animals 15,000 years ago.
Pestera Muierii – The Woman's Cave
Muzeul de icoane pe sticla – The Museum of icons painted on glass from Sibiel
Balea Lac – Balea Lake